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Becherovka -


The Czech Republic has quite the reputation of big beer consumers who know how to hold their alcohol quite well. Not known to many, the Czech Republic locals have a great stash of bars and drinks that are bound to appeal to any tourist that heads towards this Central European country. The Becherovka is one of the delicacies of Czech that would probably never get old or lose its fan base. This definitely has to be because of the two-in-one deal that Becherovka offers; it is both an alcoholic and almost-medicinal drink.
The Becherovka gets its name from the Czechian company that produced it, which is the Jan Becher industry. The creator of the drink, known as Josef Becher, was once the owner of a store that sold spices and other goods. This magnificent beverage is said to taste like cinnamon, and proving to behave like a digestive aid. According to those who adore the Becherovka, this boosts digestion, and this is one of the reasons why countless people would horde around bars, ordering this drink. After all, following a tummy-filling, good Czechian meal, who would not want an herbal drink that assists with smooth digestion?
Between 1998 and 2003, a Slovakian man began selling his own Becherovka, claiming that the secret recipe was handed down from one of the Bechers to his own grandfather. After some confusion-filled years, it turned out that the man could not prove his theory and his own Becherovka was put a stop to. According to the current generation of Bechers, only two family members know the actual recipe, and they drop by at their workplace and mix the spices in every week. These Karlovy Vary herbs have most certainly grabbed the attention of many people.
The bittersweet drink could be tasted directly after production, at the Karlovy Vary based Jan Bechers Museum. Tourists are often seen purchasing these as mementoes from their trip. Easy to find at several bars across the European beauty of a country, the Becherovka is considered to be one of the best gifts you could bestow upon a Czechian resident. In simple words, if you have a bottle of Becherovka, you unquestionably have the key to the heart of the locals.

becherovka -

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