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Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral

Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral

The Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral is a classic icon of the Czech Republic, one of the historical sights, by all means. Situated in the city of Prague, this cathedral is overflowing with tales dating back to various times in history. If you ever wanted to travel through time, this is the Prague attraction for you.

The Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral is found in Nova Mesto, a neighborhood in Prague. It is the principle church of the Orthodox Christians of the Czech Lands and Slovakia. Although the name may be a mouthful, the history behind this holy place is what makes it worth the visit. The cathedral was originally built as a Roman Church, between the years 1730 to 1736. It was built by Killian Igraz Dietzenhofer, who dedicated this impeccable piece of architecture to the Arch Bishop and Cardinal of Milan of the 16th century, Charles Borromeo.

This cathedral is also famous for another era of history. During World War II, seven fated Czech parachutists, who happened to have successfully eliminated a Nazi general, took shelter between these walls. When the Nazi’s found out, they began to hunt them down. After an epic battle of gunfire, the Czech men finally decided to take their own life to avoid getting caught. There is a monument created inside the cathedral in honor of the brave men and their great sacrifice.

The Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral is not simply an icon of history, but it is also an example of great architecture. You will find beautiful sculptures, paintings of iconic figures and the richness of color that the Roman Empire used to have within the cathedral. Filled with long hallways that have vaulted ceilings, paintings, and stained glasses displaying an immaculate design, the cathedral is a classic example of a great era of beauty lost in the erosion of time.

There is no question as to why the Saint Cyril and Methodius Church is an absolute must-see while in a trip to Prague. Enter the enormous halls and relive the faint memories of the Romans and walk the dark corridors in anticipation, just like the Czech soldiers fleeing from the Nazis. Whatever you do, it will be nothing short of an adventure. 


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