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Saint Vitus Cathedral

Saint Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral

A Prague attraction that is considered a castle by many who lay their eyes upon it, the Saint Vitus Cathedral was constructed on a site that initially used to be a domed chamber. Overseen by the great King Charles IV, this cathedral’s work began somewhere during the 1340s. A symbol of spiritualism for countless Czech Republicans, this structure sure took its time to be built; about six centuries were spent on this grand cathedral.

Situated in Prague 1, the building is known for holding classical concerts every other time, a form of amusement for whoever is into those. A Gothic building, its first builder was Matthias of Arras, a France-based man who modelled the entire cathedral. The later builder followed through this original design, giving it life. This second designer was called Peter Parler, a young man whose predecessor was a brilliant architect. Peter added his own flourish to the Saint Vitus Cathedral, once the original layout was dealt with.

A portion of the Saint Vitus Cathedral, the St. Wenceslas Chapel, is a beauty of 1300 remarkably valuable stones on the outside. However, the inside may prove to be more noteworthy to people, as several relics of St. Wenceslas have been stashed there. This chapel too was built by Peter Parler, a clear memorial that hails the saint. Although outsiders are not allowed inside the chapel, one can glance at it from the entranceway. Another batch of precious jewels, the Czech Crown Jewels, are also kept safe in a room inside the St. Wenceslas Chapel. While a few people wonder about the safety of these, Peter Parler was cunning enough, having incorporated seven locks into the security system of this room.

The route to this glamorous-looking cathedral may seem a little complicated, but is quite the opposite. One could simply get on the line A metro from the Malostranksa station. Once you get off, you have two options to get to the Saint Vitus Cathedral. One of the options is, to walk through the Castle District via Pohorelec. The other option means taking the line A metro from the Malostranska station.

St. Vitus Cathedral inside

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