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Culture and traditions


Culture and traditions 

Prague is the capital city that has all the fixes you need to satisfy that travel bug bite! The fourteenth largest city in the European Union, is also the historical capital of Bohemia. The city is considered the center of European culture, politics and economics.

Like every other nation, Prague has its own culture and tradition that upon hearing, could raise an outsider’s eyebrow or two. If you plan on visiting in April, do not forget to attend “The Burning of the Witches” custom that takes place on the 30th. This peculiar custom involves the gathering of people around a bonfire and constructing the effigy of a witch that is then burnt.

The first day of May is known as “The Time of Love”. Couples pay respect to the statue of Petřín Park, who is considered the “poet of love”. This Prague event itself is quite romantic, as it coincides with the blossoming cherry trees all over the park.

The 2nd of November is known as the “All Soul’s Day”, but the local term for the custom roughly translates to “little souls” or “of all saints”. The locals visit the cemetery or graves of their loved ones to light candles, lay wreaths and flowers. Although this tradition is a quiet one, the glimmering light of candles on the graves makes it a beautiful scene, and most tourists describe this as one of a kind, bittersweet Prague event.

The easiest and most over-used way to discover a new place, let that be while vacationing or passing by, has always been to either hop onto a tourist bus or hire a tour guide. The recent Prague travel guides also offer interesting travelling programs for visitors. Whether this is your first time visiting Prague or not, try out the latest tours and excursions that they offer. The Prague travel guides are experienced and willing to share information regarding the city, that only the locals are aware of. Tourist agencies want travelers to be immersed in the history of Prague momentarily, by becoming a part of it.


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