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Astronomical clock

Astronomical clock

The Old Town Square

While on a Prague city tour, a visit to the widely known Astronomical clock will prove to be a delight for tourists of all ages and lineages. One of the authentic historical sights of Prague that is worthy of being appreciated, the clock was built on the southern wall of the Old Town Hall Tower. As per the information collected by enthusiasts, the Prague Astronomical clock is the world’s third oldest astronomical clock. It is amazing to see how it runs, even to this day!

First installed in the year 1410, this clock has three main constituents that make it as magnificent as it is; the Walk of the Apostles, a calendar dial and an astronomical dial. The first component is a show of twelve figures of Apostles, each of which appears as the clock strikes the twelve different hours.  The calendar dial bears medallions, each of which represents a different month of the year. Lastly, the astronomical dial, of course, provides astronomical details, giving an insight of the various positions of the Sun and the Moon. All in all, this gigantic clock is a sight for sore eyes, that has bystanders in awe every time they come across it.

For a quick glance over the entire Old Town and also, to view the Astronomical clock up close, tourists could pay a fee to enter the Old Town Hall Tower. To get to this spot, one could take the line A of the Staromestska metro station. Otherwise, they could hop onto tram number 17, 18 or 53 from the same station.

The Prague Astronomical clock is said to be the last clock to track and read European, Sidereal and even the Babylon time. A construction that embodies Czech history by all means, this clock has a skeleton on one side that strikes the time. According to people, this skeletal figure represents death, which adds a spooky vibe to the clock. It is said that if the locals do not look after the Prague Astronomical clock, bad luck will befall the city. An hourly show for most sightseers, this monument is splendid during the daytime.
The Astronomical clock

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