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The New Town

The New Town

Embankment of Smetana

Not much of a new town in reality, the New Town is one of the many well-known historical sights in the Czech Republic that was founded in the 1340s. A commercial place by all means, this area could be viewed and enjoyed thoroughly while on Prague walking tours. Filled to the brim with banks, hotels, that are suitable for visitors from all over the world, markets and much more, the New Town never fails to wow the passers-by.

The dead center of the New Town, and probably its heart too, figuratively, the Wenceslas Square, has had its fair share of fame too. In fact, it is home to one of the many museums of the New Town, known as the National Museum Building. The Wenceslas Square generally gathers collective groups of sightseers and locals every now and then. This is due to countless parades and processions that would pass through this area. As a bustling and busy chunk of land, clearly, the Wenceslas Square has lots to offer for whoever is intrigued.

According to visitors, it is worth taking a stroll down the New Town, taking a glimpse at whatever comes across, be it a bar, restaurant, market or a theatre. It seems that this area in Prague happens to include opera theatres, where one could easily tune in to great opera performances that are sure to blow your mind.

Also known as Nové Město, the New Town has several churches within its four corners, places to visit if one is visiting the Czech Republic and Prague, to seek religious spots. Some of these churches are as follows: Church of St. Stephen, Church of St. Ignatius, Church of Our Lady of the Snows, and much more.

Getting to the New Town is fairly simple, especially if you are required to travel to this area at least a couple of times. While it is possible to take trams to this part of Prague, it may prove to be best to travel via the metro. Three lines, A, B and C, happen to bring you around to the New Town.

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