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Czech Christmas Markets

Czech Christmas Markets

Czech Christmas Markets

Holidays: Czech Christmas Markets

A European form of utter beauty, the Czech Republic has its fair share of culture and traditions, one of which is the Czech Christmas Markets. A delightful holiday, the Czech Christmas could very well be your average Christmas day. However, the forefathers seemed to have wanted things differently, having started a brilliant method of bringing together tens of thousands of people for the festive season.

As per the info received from locals and tourists alike, the brightest, most stunning Christmas markets are situated in the city of Prague, lighting up the entire area like never before. However, that does not necessarily mean that other regions of the Czech Republic are void of these fun shopping spots. For instance, in the last couple of years, there were stories of at least a few Christmas markets in certain cities, each adorned with some exceptional surprise or another. For example, for the 2013 Christmas, one of the markets of Olomouc saw a free skating rink! If that is not exhilarating and fun-packed, we do not know what is. There have been other featured specials, such as jugglers, short plays, concerts and even pipers.

Every year, a Christmas marketplace has to be set up in Prague, in the Wenceslas and Old Town Square. While you could shop to your heart’s content at all these happening bazaars, you also get a glimpse of the roots of the Czech Republic. This could come in the form of food, clothes, drinks and merriment. For instance, on visiting these markets, one could devour platefuls of a certain kind of juicy sausages, just taken of the barbecue grill. In addition, you could hog an entire loaf of the Trdelnik, a traditional pastry. If you are one who love mulled wine, you could easily find access to some and enjoy a glass. However, if you are someone who is a fan of beers, the likes of Budvar and Pilsner Urquell could be found too, without any issues. Christmas carols will be seen sung by school choirs, adding to that zest of the Christmas season, bringing a grin across the faces of both locals and tourists.

The Old Town Square

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