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Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts 

A unique and history-packed city encompassed by the Czech Republic, Prague is often swarmed by locals and tourists alike. And it is not without reason, as the beauty of this region is bound to blow your mind every single time! The largest Czech Republic city, Prague is actually listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. This comes as no surprise, as this place is said to be the fifth most visited country in Europe, not far behind cities like Paris and London.

The Lennon Wall, Prague Castle and the Old Town Square are a few of the well-known structures of Prague, each of which is rich in history, having a story of its own. One of the interesting facts of Prague, the Prague Castle, was once mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest castle to exist in the world. It is no wonder that sightseers herd around this place like bees around a beehive. Prague also has a certain Charles Bridge, which is about half a kilometre long and is walked over by countless people every day. In fact, you cannot get into Prague without crossing this. A fascinating matter, this bridge is famous for its ghost stories, which are delightful to hear every now and then.

Holidays, like Christmas, are intriguing in Prague, as the residents keep away from turkey. For some strange reason, they are bent on consuming carp instead, which they buy and pet for a few days, till it is time for the Christmas meal.

Prague tourism allows people to appreciate the general warmth and perks of the locals of Prague. It seems that there is a common love for beer thriving among the locals. One of the celebrated Prague tourist attractions is the Astronomical Clock. The time seems to be struck by an ill-omened figure of death, which has to be quite the view. According to people, this clock could be seen from miles away too!

All in all, the city of Prague is well-known for its beauty, grace and antiquity. The various locations around the area add to the excitement of it all.

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