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Prague Museum Night

Prague Museum Night

Prague Museum Night

There is one event that is a must see in Prague. True, there are probably several thousands of things to see in Prague, but this one is a must. Prague is famous for all its museums and galleries, which is what makes this event so iconic. That’s right, I’m talking about the Prague Museum Night.

The Prague Museum Night took place for the eleventh time on 14th June, 2014. This event mainly promotes museum and gallery activities and gives people an opportunity to view many different aspects of the Prague culture in one night. With an amalgam of 39 museums, galleries and other institutions participating, this event is nothing short of things to offer. In 2014, the Prague Museum Night was opened to an amazing number of 69 buildings. The main objective of the Prague Museum Night is to offer people a chance to visit different heritage sites of Prague, all with free transportation and with no admission fees. Clearly, with all the stats mentioned earlier, this event is one event you should never, ever miss if you get the opportunity to attend.

With 69 sites to visit, one night is way too short a time. The event lasted from 7 pm to 1 am, definitely not enough time to see all that you would have liked to. However, the Prague Museum Night is a well-organized event and you have the opportunity to design your own route so that you can visit all the sites that you really are keen on visiting- all free of cost!

There are also special events for your little ones. In fact, there are so many events that you might have to plan these into your route as well. But never fear! These fun little events will not fail to entertain you as you watch these fresh little faces learn a lot more about the world.

There should be no argument that the next Prague Museum Night is the one you want to be a part of. Make sure to plan ahead and don’t hesitate to look deeper into the details of the event! Hopefully, the next Prague Museum Night is the place where you discover many magical aspects of the human civilization.


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