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Prague Attractions


Prague Attractions 

A number of Hindu and Buddhist temples could be found around Prague, appropriate for all devotees and interested vacationers who want to glance at these phenomenal Prague sights. As of today, there are three different Buddhist temples within the boundaries of Prague.

The Prague old town square is filled with stunning architectures, each worked on with care. As per history, there are twenty-seven crosses on the floor of this square, marked in the memory of martyrs, such as Jan Jesenius. The old town square was once home to a man sentenced to death for his beliefs, who went by the name of Jan Hus. Yet another monument, a statue was established here during 1915, honouring Jan Hus. The Astronomical Clock is situated in this square, which is worth the climb, especially because of the panoramic view that it provides. However, its ominous look may not seem all that appealing at first glance.

If you are travelling with your family, you could definitely take a look into parks and a few other places. The Prague Zoo will be the perfect Prague attraction to go to. Not only has it been renovated recently, it also holds the title of being one of the best zoos in Europe. The place is full of whichever animal you may wish to see: monkeys, tigers, giraffes and much more. Even if you are taken with rarely seen creatures, such as polar bears, the Prague Zoo could be your next destination, as a group of these snowy bears could be found here, relaxing in their large provided space or just taking a swim.

Along with all the locations mentioned above, there are many towers which could be your pick for taking memorable pictures. Some of these include, the Lesser Town Bridge Tower, the Jindrisska Tower, the Old town Bridge Tower and much more.

Two of the historical sites to die for, is the Dancing House of Prague and the Charles Bridge. The first is a hip and curvy establishment, made to wow whoever views it. The latter is a half-kilometre bridge which is considered to be the thing for all couples, although there are a few horror stories attached to this renowned bridge.

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