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Family Breweries

Family Breweries

Pivovar Hostivar -


Family Breweries

If you’re on a Prague beer tour, the one place that you must have on your list are the family breweries, which are also known as the microbreweries. Although microbreweries have a smaller production content in comparison to other, bigger places, their beer is unique and of a limited edition, all thanks to their specialized and small production content.

There are some very good family breweries within Prague, complete with beautiful gardens and food. Beer gardens are best visited during the summer, when people can sit around on the benches with their favorite beer and food and enjoy the summer breeze. Pivovar Hostivar, for instance, one such family brewery that is located within Prague. This is a fairly new brewery that has a beautiful garden, and which serves Prague beer that perfect for every season. Another brewery that you have to visit during your Prague brewery tour is Pivovar Marina Holešovice. This, too is another new microbrewery that definitely deserves some attention, as it is coupled with a gorgeous view as well as some excellent grilled food. The brewery has a large garden right next to a river, making it a perfect spot to sit and enjoy some cool beer on a summer afternoon. 

If you want to travel outside of Prague to grab some good beer, fear not, as Prague has some excellent family breweries outside of the city as well, which offers authentic made in Czech beer. Únětický Pivovar, for instance, is located right outside the city, so you don’t have to travel far to enjoy some good beer. Pivovarský Dvůr Chýně is another such example, and this brewery offers different styles of drinks to accompany their already existing ones. These can include many different things, such as their Mondeo Ale, rye beer, wheat beers, etc., all of which are dependent on the brewer’s mode or the season. Finally, Pivovar MMX, which offers beer brewed by a brew master with 30 years of experience, is located a train ride away from Prague, and offers some good Czech food.


Uneticky pivovar -

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