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Things to see in Prague


Things to see in Prague 

Prague tourism has come to a stage where almost everyone wants to see this magnificent city, at least once in their lifetime. And that is completely justified, as there are many things to see in Prague. In fact, one could make a long list of whereabouts to drive to, only to bask in the amazing atmosphere.

One of the well-known tourist places in Prague is the Charles Bridge Museum, which delves into the beauty and memoir of the Charles Bridge. This bridge connects the Lesser Town with the Old Town and dates back to the 14th century, inevitably turning into a romantic spot. This museum almost allows you to relive the times when this bridge was being built, giving you a view of how the entire procedure was done. Another distinguished museum is the Jewish Quarter, also known as the Jewish Museum of Prague. This gallery consists of four different synagogues, all of which depict the history of Jewish communities in Prague.

Two famed theatres of Prague are the National Theatre and the Estates Theatre, both of which have ample antiquity and look like a million bucks. The first was established in the 18th century, while the latter came about a little earlier, sometime during the 17th century. The National Theatre is a crucial, cultural portion of Prague that never gets old, seeing humungous audiences even to this day. It often has drama and ballet performances to be relished by interested attendees.

Lehká hlava, La Degustation, and The Alcron, are three of the highest ranked restaurants in Prague. Another eatery, the Bellevue, is one of the luxurious places around the city, showcasing fine dining and countless cuisines. While vacationers could dwell in expensive dining and book a table at these restaurants, there are several other diners that are less pricey.

The Karlovy Lazne Club, Lavka Bar & Club, and Bombay Bar & Club are just a few famous bars around the region. Each is cool in its own terms, perfect to grab a drink, especially during the chilly nights of the winter. Along with these bars, there is a list of shopping malls and markets worth looking into, especially if you want to buy collectibles to carry back home.


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