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Useful Information


Useful Information 

The data we have mentioned are useful information for just about anyone, whether it is a tourist or a new local who wants to learn more about this large city. Starting from transportation facts to currency updates, we have all Prague tourist information stored for you, to make your stay in the city easy and stress-free.

Prague has to have one of the cleanest and most uncomplicated transportation systems of all time. Locals and vacationers alike, everyone is allowed to board on trams, buses or metros, to get from place to place. All you require is a ticket, which is to be paid for in advance. Some people suggest you take the metro for all destinations, as even long journeys go by like a breeze and are over in mere minutes. Taxis are an option too, but naturally, will cost you more when compared to the metro, buses or trams. Tourists could take a clever step by purchasing a tourist pass. This pass allows the owner to travel by any transport system, except taxis, as many times as they like. However, this lasts as long as your trip lasts. For information for specific routes, one could check online and find the different transport methods available.

There are tens of public holidays observed by the entire Czech Republic. The usual are present, such as New Year’s Day and Christmas. In addition, exciting holidays like Trinity, Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Whit Monday are followed too.

In the case of emergencies, several contact numbers have been mentioned on our website. For example, in a fire situation, one should call at 150. To inform anything to the cops, dial 158. Medical emergency calls are to be registered by calling at 155. Moreover, for tourists, the operator for international phone calls could be found on the number 133 003.

Prague uses the koruna, which is also the Czech Republic crown. When making payments, this currency will be accepted in any area of Prague. As of today, one US dollar makes up 23.735 koruna.

The weather conditions of Prague are generally pleasant, never getting too cold. The lowest predicted temperature is -1 degrees Celsius, marked during January. The current temperature in Prague is always mentioned on our website.

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