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Terms and Conditions of the Megatour Travel Agency

The following rules define the rights and obligations of the parties:

I. Parties to the Contract:

a) Megatour travel agency with registered office at Václavské náměstí 846/1, 11000, Prague, Czech Republic

Business ID 28881311  VAT CZ79054041 (hereinafter as Megatour), entering into contractual relations with its clients, and

b) The party ordering tourism services (hereinafter as the Client).

II. Effectiveness of the Terms and Conditions:

A contractual relation between the Client and Megatour shall be effective from the day of signing a contract or voucher. After payment of the price of ordered services by the Client, Megatour is obliged to provide the ordered services to the Client.

III. Price and payment conditions:

The Client is obliged to pay the specified price of ordered services before the time of provision of the services.

IV. Cancellation of services by Megatour:

Megatour has the right to cancel tourism services before the time of their provision, if the agency is not able to meet its obligations for objective reasons, in which case Megatour is obliged to return to the Client all deposits paid by the Client.

V. Cancellation of the order by the Client:

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VI. Documents which the Client is required to take with them on the tour:

The Client is required to have their passport and travel insurance policy with them during the tour. If the Client does not have their passport with them, the travel agency has the right to cancel the ordered tour for the Client who is not entitled to claim their money back in such case.

If the Client has not purchased travel insurance, they agree to take full responsibility for any costs and consequences arising from the fact that the Client has not concluded a travel insurance policy.

VII. Tour itinerary:

Megatour travel agency offers tours with itineraries set in advance. They show duration of the tour, arrival and departure times as well as for how long the tour guide is provided. The Client is obliged to cover any costs arising from changes to the itinerary requested by them.

VII. Complaints and claims:

If the quality of services provided by Megatour is seen as low, the Client is entitled to file a complaint against Megatour and to claim their money back. Assessment of the Client’s entitlement to a refund and handling complaints and claims shall be done exclusively by Megatour.