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Beer tour with dinner

Beer tour with dinner

adults: 25 €

Children (up to 10 years) 18 €

students 25 €

Duration: 3 hours

Beginning: 5:50 pm;

Days:     FrSa 

Meeting place: the Powder Tower

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Beer tour with dinner - MegaTour.czmegatour
Beer tour with dinner - MegaTour.czBeer tour with dinner - MegaTour.czBeer tour with dinner - MegaTour.czBeer tour with dinner - MegaTour.czBeer tour with dinner - MegaTour.czBeer Tour - megatour.czBeer Tour - megatour.czBeer Tour - megatour.czBeer Tour - megatour.czBeer Tour -
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Beer Tour with Dinner

The main thing about Prague is the fact that it combines different types of attraction and entertainment. On the one hand this city will be a perfect place for those who are eager to get acquainted with history of this great country as well as get closer to authentic medieval architecture. On the other hand the capitol of Czech Republic offers great opportunities to try local traditional cuisine and taste the most outstanding beer blends and flavors. Lots of local beer producers and brewers are able to impress with their innovations and new tastes. That is why you will certainly benefit from our Beer Tour with Dinner. This tour includes visiting all major pubs, beer studios and restaurants where you can feel the taste of Prague that is reflected in every pint.

This tour starts from your hotel. We will pick you up. You will be accompanied by our professional guide who will provide you with lots of interesting information during this unique excursion. You will walk through Prague streets feeling as if you are going to the pub in your native city accompanied by a friend. The majority of pubs are located in the Old Town. It is famous for its unforgettable atmosphere which is reflected in every bar and beer restaurant. As soon as you immerse yourself in this world, you will never want to go back.

Some pubs offer up to 30 different tastes and blends provided by major beer producers and brewers. At the same time you will also benefit from unique home brewers. They offer outstanding tastes that you will never find anywhere else. Apart from drinking beer, you will also find out a lot of interesting facts about Bohemian traditions and customs. Our guide is always ready to provide you with a story or two. Some places which are included in our tour are also famous with locals. That is why you will always feel yourself at home in every pub that you visit.

If you are true beer lover and fan, this tour is obviously for you. Czech Republic is well-known all over the world for such popular brands as Budvar, Staropramen, Pilsner and many others. For many decades they have been beloved brands for millions of beer gourmets. And they are still now. Every Prague bar follows brewery traditions of this country which have a very long history and are kept in secret. Now you have a chance to reveal some of those secrets and become closer to this country.

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Beer tour with dinner
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