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Vienna - MegaTour.czVienna - MegaTour.czVienna - MegaTour.czVienna - MegaTour.czVienna - MegaTour.czVienna - megatour.czVienna - megatour.czVienna - megatour.czVienna - megatour.czVienna -
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Tour to Vienna

According to many travel websites online, Vienna is the best city to live in the entire world. However, not anyone wants to come and live here for good, but to visit the city, see its best places, eat the typical Viennese food, basically take a tour to Vienna as tourist. In fact, Vienna is one of the best trips outside Prague idea because it is a cosmopolite city, it has many beautiful sites to see and the people are nice. Even more so, Vienna is the heart of the classical music, opera, you might say. So if you are in for a bit of cultural tourism as well, Vienna is one of the best options for you. Only 334 km south east from Prague, Vienna is the closest capital city to Prague and one of the most options for a weekend tour. What are the most important attractions in Vienna? Well, first things first!

1. The Schonbrunn Palace

Well, there’s plenty to see at Austria’s royal palace, the former imperial summer residence, also known as Schonbrunn palace. First of all, you have to take the palace tour, see where Princess Sissi lived, her chambers and get an insight about how royals used to live centuries ago traveling through time for an hour or so. The palace’s name means "beautiful spring" and indeed can be compared with a beautiful spring. The wide alleys with carriages, the beautiful gardens, La Gloriette and its views are worth the trip to Vienna. Even more, there is a Schonbrunn Palace dinner where you can listen to the Schonbrunn Palace Orchestra concert at Orangerie Schonbrunn playing Mozart or Strauss and enjoy a 3-course dinner before the concert, just like a royalty. That sounds great!

2. The Schonbrunn Zoo

The Vienna Zoo located near by the Schonbrunn Palace has first started as a game area where pheasants, ducks, deer and boar were hunted in order to serve as the court's recreational hunting ground. Today, the game area is a mighty beautiful zoo, one of the largest in central Europe and a sight worth seeing when touring Vienna. There’s no words to describe the peace, beauty and atmosphere there, so you might want to pay it a visit yourself. Also, don’t miss the giant Ferris!

3. The Prater Park

If you’re looking for amusement and fun rather than a cultural tour of Vienna, then you should visit the Prater Park. Prater is the largest public park in Vienna with a huge amusement park in one corner, also known as Wurstelprater. There is the famous Liliputbahn, a narrow gauge railway, you can rent bikes and there is an amusement park as well, with ferris wheels and other attractions. Madame Tussauds wax Museum is also found in Prater and worth visiting.

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