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Antonin Dvorak

Antonin Dvorak is one of the most celebrated composers of Eastern Europe. His contribution in European movies and music is legendary. He was one of the pioneers of Czech classic music. He was influenced by rural Slavic and Moravian traditional dance numbe

Feast of St. Martin

The feast of St. Martin, famously known as the St. Martin’s Day is a major holiday in the Czech Republic. It is an age old Czech tradition to celebrate the completion of crop seeding among the Slavic people. This holiday is also known as Martinmas or Ma


May is one of the best times in the year to visit Prague, Czech Republic, as there are few tourists and the weather is mild. It is said that there are 2 seasons in which one should visit Prague specifically; spring and autumn, which is what makes May the

Dissolution of Czechoslovakia

The dissolution of Czechoslovakia caused the Czechoslovakian federal state to divide into Slovakia and the Czech Republic on January 1, 1993.

Prague Museum Night

There is one event that is a must see in Prague. True, there are probably several thousands of things to see in Prague, but this one is a must. Prague is famous for all its museums and galleries, which is what makes this event so iconic. That’s right, I

Wenceslas IV - The King

Wenceslas IV was the son of the Holy Roman emperor Charles IV, who is one of the most famous personalities of the Czech Republic. Although Wencelas IV had Charles IV’s genes, he was as incompetent a ruler as his father was successful.

Weather - February

We have to admit, February comes as a blessing for the residents of the Czech Republic, thawing out every near-frozen corner of the area. The beginning of a calmer weather, when compared to that of January, February is full of opportunities to enjoy the l

Helena Vondrackova

Helena Vondrackova has become a renowned name in the long-celebrated history of Czech music and Czech singers. She is one of the most famous personalities of her country, and also a very talented artist.

Films Shot in Prague

There are many wonderful attractions in Prague that thousands of tourists come to visit every day. The natural scenery of Prague and the ancient architecture is such that it attracts the attention of many producers who have used the sceneries of Prague as

Evening Prague Panoramas

There is just something different and refreshing about a cruise along the Vltava River. As you enjoy a Prague river cruise with the love of your life or just on your own, you will see sights that will take your break away.

Prague Cosmas - The First Czech Chronicler

The history of Prague includes a well-known, loved Czech chronicler called Cosmas of Prague. The Prague tour all inclusive will give you an insight about this man, the very first teller of tales. He was responsible for a masterpiece (also known as a magnu

Franc Kafka

Among the many famous personalities that Czech Republic has gifted us, Franc Kafka-- a German-based writer is particularly worth mentioning because of the way he helped shape literature with his writings.

Property in Prague

If you plan on purchasing property in Prague, you might need to do your research before you begin. And so, here is some useful information that could help you. There are websites that you can browse in order to find properties and Prague apartment rentals

Cathedral of St. Ludmila

The Cathedral of St. Ludmila is a neo-gothic church situated in the Peace Sqaure (namesti Miru) in Prague. This church is renowned for its impact on the Christian religion in eastern Europe. It is, perhaps, the most exquisite church in Prague.

Skoda - Czech Automobile

The Czech automobile manufacturer, Skoda, was founded in 1895 and has its headquarters in Bohemia, Czech Republic. Skoda is popular worldwide, proven by their sales in 2014, which was 1.04 million cars. That said, the sales do increase annually by around

Funny Goat: Legends of Old Prague

Goat Story - The Old Prague Legends (Czech: Kozí příběh - pověsti staré Prahy) is a 2008 Czech film. It was created as an adult animated feature film. The film was directed by Jan Tománek and produced by the Art and Animation studio. It was the fir

Movie Awards “Czech Lion”

The Cesky Lev or Czech Lion happens to be the highest honour of the Czech film industry. This annual award extravaganza, like any large film industry, hosts a befitting award ceremony for the brilliant film and television personalities of the country. The

Czech Goulash (Recipe)

The Czech cuisine mainly consists of a lot of meat dishes, they are traditionally made with meat from animals like duck, rabbit and lamb. Czech traditions also include dishes like fish, dumplings, rice, vegetables, soups, salads, beer delicacies and desse

The Good Soldier Schweik

Czech literature is mainly written in three languages which are the Czech language, Latin and German. The Czech books are written by the Czechs, and are only considered a part of their Czech culture if they are written in one of the three languages. Popul

Prague Uprising

The Czech resistance attempted to free Prague of German occupation during the Second World War, which is what was termed as the Prague uprising. The uprising began on the 5th of May, 1945, and it occurred until the 8th of May with the Czech resistance sur

The Habsburgs - The Great Monarchical Dynasty

The Habsburgs, which were also called the Danubian Monarchy and the Austrian Monarchy, is the unofficial term used by the historians to describe the provinces and the countries that were, until 1780, under the House of Habsburg’s rule of the Austrian br

Family Breweries

If you’re on a Prague beer tour, the one place that you must have on your list are the family breweries, which are also known as the microbreweries.

Adoption of Christianity in the Czech Republic

Among the countries of Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic has a unique cultural heritage. Although the earlier rulers of the Czech Republic followed Paganism, they have come a long way since then. Religion in the Czech Republic is mostly dominated by Chri

Prague Funicular

Prague funicular is a railway that starts off in Lesser Town and goes all the way up to Petrin Hill. This is a great idea for Prague day trips, as it offers a great view of the place beside the hill, which consists of a wooded area.

National Emblem

The current national emblem of Prague is the result of something that began in the twelfth and the thirteenth century.

Cannaderm - Cosmetic of Hemp

Cannaderm is a brand of cosmetics that has been made out of hemp. Made primarily out of hemp seed oil that has been pressed in a cold, protective atmosphere, it also contains other ingredients that contain complex bioactive materials that are extremely go

Kofola – The Czech Cola

One of the most famous Czech brands is Kofola, which is a soft-drink that has been made in Czech. Despite the setbacks that it may have had to endure in the past, Kofola is one of the most Czech products in the country.

Cyril and Methodius

Two high achievers of scholars, the brothers from Thessalonica are best known as Cyril and Methodius. Czech saints that have had Czech structures built under their name, Cyril and Methodius were the primary religion crusaders that helped bring Christianit

Tomas Bata

Even the not so fashion conscious are aware of the fact that Bata shoes are the best of its kind and the most cost effective, as it has something for everyone. This billion dollar multinational shoe store began as a fresh new startup by the Czech business

Vaclav Havel Prague Airport

Vaclav Havel Prague Airport, which was previously known as the Prague Ruzyně International Airport, is Prague’s international airport. It is strategically placed in the Ruzyne suburb, which is 10 kilometers away from downtown Prague and can be reached

Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter is also known as the Josefov, and it is located between the Vltava River and the Old Town Square in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Its history dates back to the 13th century, when the Jewish people living in Prague were made to leave their hom

Natural Park Divoka Šarka

Divoka Sarka is a nature reserve park located 30 minutes away from Wenceslas Square. Filled with romantic cliffs and pastures, visitors love this park, as it looks like something straight out of a dream.

What Parks do the Locals Visit?

There are many beautiful gardens within and outside Prague that is visited by both the locals and the tourists. It won’t be surprising if you find yourself having difficulty in choosing a park to visit, as the city is known to have around 200 parks!


Rudolfinum is a famous building in Prague, built somewhere within 1876 and 1884. It was supposed to be a multipurpose building at first, as was intended by its architects. In 1919, however, it was converted to the Czechoslovakia Republic’s House of Comm

Prehistoric restaurant Pravěk

Yet another one of the things to see in Prague, this restaurant provides Czech cuisine, albeit in a prehistoric themed manner. Out of all of the restaurants and food of the Czech Republic, this has got to be one of the top, coming up with such a cool idea

The Chapeau Rouge

A Prague club that has probably seen one of the next most International residents than the Czech Republic airports, the Chapeau Rouge is a night club and a bar that could be found just off the Old Town Square. As it is, this square is known quite well for

Karel Čapek

Čapek was an early 20th century Czech write. He had been one of the famous personalities in Czech literature. When you are on Prague city trip, visiting Karel Čapek memorial is one of the important thing to do. It is situated in the village of Stará Hu

The National Theatre in Prague

One of the most glorious when it comes down to theatres and operas, the National Theatre needs to be one your list of things to see in Prague, if you plan on dropping by soon. A show-stopper by all means, the interior is guaranteed to have your jaw slacke

Historical Center “Botanicus”

One of the things to see in Prague, this smoke-free and pet-free center could be recognized by all the Czech Republic residents. Situated in the Ostrá municipality, the Botanicus Historical Center could be visited during your free time, alone or with the

Garlic soup: hangover cure

Soups are the starters in a Czech cuisine. Czech cuisine is famous for its soup collection. It is kind of a tradition of their country and there is no meal without it. The common soups served are chicken, beef, vegetable broth with noodles, and garlic. Li

Bohemian Glass

Czech Republic produces some of the most beautiful and stunning glass pieces, called bohemian glass. Their glassworks are among the finest in the world, starting from fruit bowls and vases to wine, spirits, and champagne glasses, which is one of the reaso

Masopust or Shrovetide in Czech Republic

Masopust is the traditional Czech Shrovetide or carnival, which is held in cities such as Prague, Cesky Krumlov, and almost all over the country.


One of the three warmest months of the year in Prague, August is a month that sees quite a large touristic crowd in Prague. It is also the driest month in Prague, meaning that you won’t have to worry about a constant shower of rain.

Main train station

A form of public transport, the main train station of the city of Prague is also known as Praha hlavní nádraží.

National Museum

One of the great eye-catching museums and galleries, the National Museum is also one of the highly rated historical sights of the Czech Republic. Situated at the top of the much treasured Wenceslas Square, the museum began in the year 1818 and carried on

Club Duplex

For all its wonders and beauties, you would expect Prague to be one of those cities that lack the excitement of night life. However, you will be surprised to find yourself very wrong! Prague clubs will be sure to satiate your taste buds for fun and lively

Tlusta Koala

Out of the countless things to see in Prague, the Tlusta Koala is one of the commendable spots that fall under the bars and drinks department. Throughout the entire week, except Sunday, this place is open from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m., allowing people to drop by

Shopping - Nový Smíchov (Prague)

Prague is famous to be a city of the old; where everyone goes to see what was preserved of the distant past. However, does that mean the city is still left with the clock, with only grand halls and artwork to see? Not at all. The Nový Smíchov is a symbo

Novoměstský pivovar (The New Town Brewery)

The Novoměstský pivovar, translated as the New Town Brewery, is where you can recharge yourself with some of the more simple pleasures of life.

Old New Synagogue

The Old New Synagogue, despite its strangely contrasting name, is actually the oldest active synagogue in the entire land of Europe. Also known as the Staronová synagoga in Czech, this synagogue is located in Josefav, Prague. Definitely one of the most s

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