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The Little Quarter

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The Little Quarter

Containing a string of extensive Baroque-style buildings and churches, the Little Quarter is also known as Malá Strana. Its most common name has to be the Lesser Town of Prague that could be well discovered during one of the famous Prague walking tours offered by tour guides.

The Little Quarter is a much visited district of Prague that is connected to the Charles Bridge. Founded in 1257, its original name was a mouthful, probably not appealing to the locals who had to utter it often. According to records, the King Ottokar II got rid of the original inhabitants of this area, rushing to welcome rich aristocrats and merchants to occupy their place instead.While we do not know if this sat well with the residents, one thing was certain; the Little Quarter had soon turned into a rich and posh place.

Intriguing landmarks like the Petřín Lookout Tower and the St. Nicholas Church could be found within the four corners of the Lesser Town. Sometime around 1419, a war with the Hussites led to a fire that ruined a big chunk of the Little Quarter. To the horror of the locals, there was another fire during the year 1541, which caused the demise of at least 50 individuals.

After the mentioned episodes of absolute terror, the entire town had a series of repairs and constructions done, which has made it what it is today; a picture-perfect area that is nothing short of pretty and serene-looking. As a matter of fact, it seems that many filmmakers adore shooting scenes in the Little Quarter.

To get to the Little Quarter, one could take the line A metro from the Malostranska station, or just get onto tram number 12, 20, 22 or 57 from the same station.  Tourists find themselves wandering into this Lesser Town, allured by its beauty and charm. Even the hostels and hotels here were wonderfully built, holding the look from earlier decades quite well. Moreover, the Little Quarter is quieter, when compared to both the New Town and the Old Town. As a result, it seems like the perfect place to come to for a romantic getaway or a quiet trip.

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