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Prague Ghosts Tour

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Prague Ghosts Tour

Price on the web:

adults: 13 €

Children (up to 10 years) 11

students 13 €


Duration: 1.5 hours

Beginning: 6:40 pm;


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Meeting place:

Old Town Square astronomical clock

Prague Ghosts Tour - MegaTour.cz
Prague Ghosts Tour - MegaTour.czPrague Ghosts Tour - MegaTour.czPrague Ghosts Tour - MegaTour.czPrague Ghosts Tour - MegaTour.czPrague Ghosts Tour - MegaTour.czPrague Ghosts Tour - MegaTour.cz

What is included in the price:

Sightseeing tour
Guide service
Walking tour

Tour description:

Starting at 18.30
at the Powder tower
1. Legend and Mystery of the Old Town
Duration 45 minutes
2. Legends and mystic Jewish Quarter
Duration 45 minutes
Ends at 20.30
Finish of the clock also in the Old Town Square

Prague Ghosts Tour

Our company offers wide range of different tours which differ from traditional excursions in the capitol of Czech Republic. We establish brand new approach to our customers providing them with all necessary facilities to make their stay in Prague as memorable as possible. Prague Ghost Tour is a perfect fit for those who are looking for a real thrill in this picturesque city which hides a lot of secrets and mysteries. This tour will also let meet the most outstanding places of interest and learn many interesting facts about them. Our guides will provide you with information that you will hardly find anywhere else. This makes our Prague Ghosts Tour so unique and exciting. You will certainly benefit from this excursion. You can order it on our website online.

The capitol of Czech Republic is surrounded by numerous legends and secrets. If you get a chance to visit this city, this is a must to learn everything possible about it. That is why we offer to make an unforgettable trip through the time and get back to medieval times. Here you will have a chance to touch history and legends about alchemists and magicians. Moreover do not be afraid if you meet a ghost during your excursion. Prague Ghosts Tour is famous for the most unbelievable and extraordinary things which can hardly happen in any other place.

We have created a perfect program for every our guest. It is full of trill, excitement and interesting information. It turned out to be a perfect combination of entertainment and informational trip. It includes visiting a lot of historical places as well as local dungeons. The excursion is provided by one of our most creative guides. He has prepared several unexpected surprises for you. You can order this excursion in advance using our booking system. It is rather easy to use. You will be able to obtain detailed information about this tour as well as complete the payment process using the most appropriate payment method.

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