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Jan Žižka Statue

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Jan Žižka Statue


Jan Žižka Statue

One of the best spots around the city of Prague for panoramas, the Jan Žižka Statue begs to be noticed by all locals and tourists. Depicting the mighty Jan Žižka z Trocnova a Kalicha, this statue weighs about 17 tons, and has been placed over a pedestal which adds to the remarkability of the statue. It seems Bohumil Kafka, a Czech Republic based sculptor, wished to create this stunner of a statue. He started work on it in the early 1930s, but never got to see it getting inaugurated, as the World War II proved to be a problem. Unfortunately, Bohumil Kafka passed away, leaving his masterpiece unveiled. Finally, in the year 1950, the people of Prague did indeed uncover it, doing their best to restore it however required.

Not too well-known, stories have it that a soldier was buried right under this monument. Made up of bronze, the Jan Žižka Statue sees Jan Žižka z Trocnova a Kalicha on a horse, looking into the distance with determination and fearlessness etched on his face. A devoted follower of Jan Hus, Jan Žižka was a Czech Republic general. He was a part of several important phases of the history of the Czech Republic, including the Battle of Kutná Hora, the Civil Wars of Bohemia and even the Battle of Grunwald. In short, this man was strong, hard-working and undefeated, probably gathering accolades and praises from the people of the Czech Republic.

As per history, Jan Žižka was one-eyed, a courtesy of the enemy piercing the other eye with an arrow. However, this did not prevent him from winning a battle against primarily peasants, on the legendary Prague hill known as the Vítkov Hill. This episode had taken place in the year 1420, which was supposedly the reason why the people of Prague urged the construction of the Jan Žižka Statue.

To get to the Jan Žižka Statue, one could get on bus number 133, 136 or 509 from the Černínova, Ohrada station. Otherwise, you could get onto tram number 9, 10, 16, 19, 55 or 58 from Biskupcova. The figurine of the cunning and genius Hussite leader is a must-see for all those sightseers who are new to Prague.

Jan Žižka Statue

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