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Upside-down Horse

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Upside-down Horse


Upside-down Horse

Coming to Prague, there is, no doubt, simply too many places to visit. The amazing architecture, the wondrously rich history, the romantic feel in the air; no doubt Prague is a place of rich delights for a traveler’s eye. But here is something you should not miss: the Upside-down horse of Prague- one of the most astonishing examples of Prague sculp.

Wenceslas Square, which stands at the center of Prague, hosts a terrain of delightful artwork. It is here that you will find the Art Nouveau Lucerna Palace of Prague. Hanging from the domed ceiling made of beautifully painted glass, you will find the sculpture of the famous Upside-down horse. Yes, the horse is upside down and hanging in midair. Even stranger yet, there is a sculpture of a man sitting upright on top on the Upside-down horse. The horse seems to be dead by the posture of the head, but the rest you shall have to find out yourself! Many say that the statue of the Upside-down horse is actually a mocking reference of the statue of the rider Wenceslas who rides a horse at the entrance of the National Museum.

The statue of the Upside-down horse was designed and created by the Prague born artist by the name of David Cerny. He is famous for many iconic, and somewhat strangely controversial, works of art all over Prague, including the sculptures of the crawling babies on the walls of Prague and many more. However, his actual intention of creating the Upside-down horse is unknown. Critics speculate that this strange and surreal creation may be a mocking reference to many statues of ancients all over Prague, although none of these speculations came to a confirmed end.

Prague, by all accounts, is the ultimate tourist spot. There is an abundance of places to discover, old stories to hear, new food to try out. Make sure you discover all the breathtaking castles and icons of history to get the keep of ancient Europe. And most importantly, get the glimpse of the Upside-down horse at Lucerna Museum! It is not every day that you get to see horses hanging in places you might expect a chandelier.

Upside-down Horse

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