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Žižkov Television Tower

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Žižkov Television Tower


Žižkov Television Tower

Who would not want to get an absolute eyeful of the amazing city of Prague? With all its historical icons, beautiful architecture, and breathtaking views, Prague is always on the bucket list of most travelers. Now, whether you are a photographer or a passionate tourist, getting to see the city of Prague in its vast entirety is more than enticing, as there are so many things to see in Prague. The Žižkov Television Tower is the first and the best place to go to quench your thirst for beautiful views.

It took 6 years to build, from 1984 to 1989. And so, the Žižkov Television Tower is not exactly an ancient building. However, it is the highest structure, not only in Prague, but in the entire Czech Republic, rocking to a mighty two hundred and sixty meters in total height. This tower does more than just transform television signals through a wide territory. The Žižkov Television Tower hosts a restaurant with a stunning view of the entire city of Prague from an astonishing sixty-six meters off the ground. In good weather, you are fortunate enough to look past a hundred kilometers worth Prague; literally, that is as far as the eye can go! Three cabins are available for rent at ninety-three meters above ground. If you do not have a fear of heights, that would be a stay to remember for life. There are two fast elevators to take you to your destination at a speed of 4 m/s, so you can reach your destination faster than ever.

Apart from just the view, there is another reason why tourists flock to the Žižkov Television Tower. On the walls of the tower, you will see ten enormous bronze babies making their way to the top. This iconic work of art was done by the famous artist, David Cerny, who is also known for making many famous sculptures in the already diverse and rich city of Prague.

Although not considered one of the prettiest buildings in town, the Žižkov Television Tower can give you what no other place can; an amazing view and memories too precious to forget. So remember to drop by when you visit, and make sure to get your eyeful of the wonders of Europe!

Žižkov Television Tower

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