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Cathedral of St. Ludmila

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Cathedral of St. Ludmila

The Cathedral of Saint Ludmila - MegaTour.cz

The Cathedral of St. Ludmila

The Cathedral of St. Ludmila is a neo-gothic church situated in the Peace Sqaure (namesti Miru) in Prague. This church is renowned for its impact on the Christian religion in eastern Europe. It is, perhaps, the most exquisite church in Prague. Josef Mocker, who was famed for his design of the St. Vitus Church, was commissioned to carry out the designing process for this beautiful structure. The structure itself has three isle basilica. The main nave of the church has a unique shape of a cross. This church is distinguishable with its 197 foot twin spires. Built around the 19th century, these churches are well endowed with high towers, bells, portals, and gables. The interior of this church is exquisitely decorated with sculptures and rose windows by various Slav National artists.

The Cathedral of Saint Ludmila is located in the bustling Vinohardy district of Prague. It caters to a large congregation of religious people. The church choir and the organs are also praiseworthy. The remains of  St. Wencleslaslie and St. Ludmilla in this very church make it more alluring for religious people. They were devoted Czech saints who were martyred by orthodox Roman Catholics. Cardinal Frantisek was the archbishop who laid the foundation stone of this church in the late 1800s, and the construction ended five years later. Since then, it has served the masses efficiently, although there was a brief hiatus during the years 1974 and 1992 for the metro construction in Vinohardy.

It is one of the major tourist attractions of Prague. Apart from devoted religious peoples, a lot of movie buffs also like to pay a visit to this place, as it was a shooting spot for the famous movie "The Omen". This is a lovely place for a little family excursion. You can also buy religious and architectural souvenirs from little craft stores located near the Peace Square. Although there are lots of  beautiful religious structures in Europe, this one is bound to blow your mind away.


The Cathedral of Saint Ludmila - MegaTour.cz

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