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Interesting Facts

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Interesting Facts

Wenceslas IV - The King

Wenceslas IV was the son of the Holy Roman emperor Charles IV, who is one of the most famous personalities of the Czech Republic. Although Wencelas IV had Charles IV’s genes, he was as incompetent a ruler as his father was successful.

Prague Uprising

The Czech resistance attempted to free Prague of German occupation during the Second World War, which is what was termed as the Prague uprising. The uprising began on the 5th of May, 1945, and it occurred until the 8th of May with the Czech resistance sur

The Habsburgs - The Great Monarchical Dynasty

The Habsburgs, which were also called the Danubian Monarchy and the Austrian Monarchy, is the unofficial term used by the historians to describe the provinces and the countries that were, until 1780, under the House of Habsburg’s rule of the Austrian br

Adoption of Christianity in the Czech Republic

Among the countries of Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic has a unique cultural heritage. Although the earlier rulers of the Czech Republic followed Paganism, they have come a long way since then. Religion in the Czech Republic is mostly dominated by Chri

National Emblem

The current national emblem of Prague is the result of something that began in the twelfth and the thirteenth century.

Cyril and Methodius

Two high achievers of scholars, the brothers from Thessalonica are best known as Cyril and Methodius. Czech saints that have had Czech structures built under their name, Cyril and Methodius were the primary religion crusaders that helped bring Christianit

Masopust or Shrovetide in Czech Republic

Masopust is the traditional Czech Shrovetide or carnival, which is held in cities such as Prague, Cesky Krumlov, and almost all over the country.

The Czech Crown Jewels

Also known as the Bohemian Crown Jewels, the Czech Crown Jewels are a part of the Czech history that will remain forever fascinating.

John of Nepomuk

Certainly a prominent Czech religion, Christianity has claimed over 10% of the entire population of the Czech Republic.

Czech Language

A clear and rich part of the Czech history, the Czech language is considered to be authentic and refreshing by the locals. And we agree with them, as the language is one of the most interesting things about the Czech Republic.

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