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Prague Attractions

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Prague Attractions

Dissolution of Czechoslovakia

The dissolution of Czechoslovakia caused the Czechoslovakian federal state to divide into Slovakia and the Czech Republic on January 1, 1993.

Evening Prague Panoramas

There is just something different and refreshing about a cruise along the Vltava River. As you enjoy a Prague river cruise with the love of your life or just on your own, you will see sights that will take your break away.

Cathedral of St. Ludmila

The Cathedral of St. Ludmila is a neo-gothic church situated in the Peace Sqaure (namesti Miru) in Prague. This church is renowned for its impact on the Christian religion in eastern Europe. It is, perhaps, the most exquisite church in Prague.

Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter is also known as the Josefov, and it is located between the Vltava River and the Old Town Square in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Its history dates back to the 13th century, when the Jewish people living in Prague were made to leave their hom

Natural Park Divoka Šarka

Divoka Sarka is a nature reserve park located 30 minutes away from Wenceslas Square. Filled with romantic cliffs and pastures, visitors love this park, as it looks like something straight out of a dream.

What Parks do the Locals Visit?

There are many beautiful gardens within and outside Prague that is visited by both the locals and the tourists. It won’t be surprising if you find yourself having difficulty in choosing a park to visit, as the city is known to have around 200 parks!

Old New Synagogue

The Old New Synagogue, despite its strangely contrasting name, is actually the oldest active synagogue in the entire land of Europe. Also known as the Staronová synagoga in Czech, this synagogue is located in Josefav, Prague. Definitely one of the most s

Žižkov Television Tower

Who would not want to get an absolute eyeful of the amazing city of Prague? With all its historical icons, beautiful architecture, and breathtaking views, Prague is always on the bucket list of most travelers. Now, whether you are a photographer or a pass

Upside-down Horse

Coming to Prague, there is, no doubt, simply too many places to visit. The amazing architecture, the wondrously rich history, the romantic feel in the air... But here is something you should not miss: the Upside-down horse of Prague

Sigmund Freud

On being sighted for the first time, especially by people who are not well acquainted with the area, the likes of police and firefighters are often mistakenly called into the scene to rescue the hanging man.

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