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Castles and Temples

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Castles and Temples

Cathedral of St. Ludmila

The Cathedral of St. Ludmila is a neo-gothic church situated in the Peace Sqaure (namesti Miru) in Prague. This church is renowned for its impact on the Christian religion in eastern Europe. It is, perhaps, the most exquisite church in Prague.

Old New Synagogue

The Old New Synagogue, despite its strangely contrasting name, is actually the oldest active synagogue in the entire land of Europe. Also known as the Staronová synagoga in Czech, this synagogue is located in Josefav, Prague. Definitely one of the most s

Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral

The Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral is a classic icon of the Czech Republic, one of the historical sights, by all means. Situated in the city of Prague, this cathedral is overflowing with tales dating back to various times in history...

Saint Vitus Cathedral

A Prague attraction that is considered a castle by many who lay their eyes upon it, the Saint Vitus Cathedral was constructed on a site that initially used to be a domed chamber...

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