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Feast of St. Martin

The feast of St. Martin, famously known as the St. Martin’s Day is a major holiday in the Czech Republic. It is an age old Czech tradition to celebrate the completion of crop seeding among the Slavic people. This holiday is also known as Martinmas or Ma


May is one of the best times in the year to visit Prague, Czech Republic, as there are few tourists and the weather is mild. It is said that there are 2 seasons in which one should visit Prague specifically; spring and autumn, which is what makes May the

Weather - February

We have to admit, February comes as a blessing for the residents of the Czech Republic, thawing out every near-frozen corner of the area. The beginning of a calmer weather, when compared to that of January, February is full of opportunities to enjoy the l

Property in Prague

If you plan on purchasing property in Prague, you might need to do your research before you begin. And so, here is some useful information that could help you. There are websites that you can browse in order to find properties and Prague apartment rentals

Skoda - Czech Automobile

The Czech automobile manufacturer, Skoda, was founded in 1895 and has its headquarters in Bohemia, Czech Republic. Skoda is popular worldwide, proven by their sales in 2014, which was 1.04 million cars. That said, the sales do increase annually by around

Prague Funicular

Prague funicular is a railway that starts off in Lesser Town and goes all the way up to Petrin Hill. This is a great idea for Prague day trips, as it offers a great view of the place beside the hill, which consists of a wooded area.

Cannaderm - Cosmetic of Hemp

Cannaderm is a brand of cosmetics that has been made out of hemp. Made primarily out of hemp seed oil that has been pressed in a cold, protective atmosphere, it also contains other ingredients that contain complex bioactive materials that are extremely go

Kofola – The Czech Cola

One of the most famous Czech brands is Kofola, which is a soft-drink that has been made in Czech. Despite the setbacks that it may have had to endure in the past, Kofola is one of the most Czech products in the country.

Vaclav Havel Prague Airport

Vaclav Havel Prague Airport, which was previously known as the Prague Ruzyně International Airport, is Prague’s international airport. It is strategically placed in the Ruzyne suburb, which is 10 kilometers away from downtown Prague and can be reached

Bohemian Glass

Czech Republic produces some of the most beautiful and stunning glass pieces, called bohemian glass. Their glassworks are among the finest in the world, starting from fruit bowls and vases to wine, spirits, and champagne glasses, which is one of the reaso

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