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Czech Koruna


Czech Koruna

The Czech currency is called the Czech Koruna, also known as the Czech crown. The Czech Republic initially started to use it since 8th February, 1993. The official name in Czech for the Czech currency is koruna česká.

There was some talk in around 2005 where the government wanted to replace the Czech Koruna with the euro. The Czech Republic has been in good economic standing to do, in other words, the country is wealthy enough to do so. Yet, a recent survey shows that only sixteen percent of the population seemed keen to change their national currency to the euro. After all, who wouldn’t want to keep their own currency that has become a part of their life?

Now let’s talk exchange rates. No doubt, one of the first thing that comes to mind while visiting another country is the converting of money. Here are some general exchange rates of popular currencies that have been greatly approximated for your benefit:

  • 1 USD= 25 CZK
  • 1 EUR= 28 CZK
  • 1 GBP= 38 CZK
  • 1 CAD= 20 CZK
  • 1 AUD= 19 CZK
  • 1 TRY= 10 CZK
  • 1 CHF= 26 CZK

Of course, there values are only to give a general idea of what to expect while changing your currency into the Czech Koruna. Do keep in mind that currency exchange rate may change at any given day without notice, so it is always important to keep informed, especially if you are going to visit Prague anytime soon.

You must also keep in mind how the currency functions. The coins that are normally used are 1 CZK, 2 CZK, 5 CZK, 10 CZK, 20 CZK and 50 CZK. This is vastly different from many places, where coins are more likely used denote cents or pence, denoting a fraction of one unit of the currency. The banknotes in the Czech Koruna also have different ranges than that of the commonly used currencies. The bank notes most commonly used are the 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 CZK bank notes.

It is always important to have some local currency when you are visiting a place. Be sure to have adequate fund with local money in case any emergency should arise.

Czech Koruna

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