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Beef Tartare

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Beef Tartare


Beef Tartare

Along with exploring the rich Czech culture, tasting the typical Czech cuisine is a must. Czech cuisine is meat based. Although pork is the most common meat, there are traditional dishes made out of other animals, birds, and fish of that region. Usually, a meal in the Czech Republic is of two to three courses. The starters are traditionally the soup, and then come the main course, and lastly, the desserts. Starters are an important part of the Czech culture. This cuisine has two kinds of starters, hot and cold.

The term beef tartare is a short form of tatarský biftek. It is originated from À la tartare, which means dish served with tartar sauce. The modern version of beef tartare was served in French restaurants at first. Having crossed the boundaries, it became a delicacy in Europe. But no other country other than Czech Republic can make a raw food this good.

Beef tartare is freshly minced raw beef served with egg yolk, mustard, diced onions, pepper, and salt. It is served in both forms of pre-mixed, marinated meat and meat that is not mixed with fanned ingredients around it. In the one in which the meat isn’t mixed, the ingredients need to be mixed and matched according to your taste. The combination of the creamy tartare, hard fried bread, and a clove of garlic are heaven on earth.

Among all the delicacies of Czech cuisine, beef tartare is globally known, and it is also the most loved food in the Czech culture. It is very famous in pubs and restaurants in Prague. It is a snack that goes well with the beer. If you are in Prague, you should go for it. There are rules of eating a beef tartare. Usually it is served with cloves of garlic, fried bread, and the beef steak. The first thing you need to do is rub the garlic on the bread. Be careful, as they have a lot of flavor. Mix the egg on the top with the meat and then eat that with the bread.

Take day trips outside Prague and taste beef tartars everywhere. There are a lot of variations of the beef tartare, and each of them is worth trying.

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