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Garlic soup: hangover cure

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Garlic soup: hangover cure


Garlic soup: hangover cure

Soups are the starters in a Czech cuisine. Czech cuisine is famous for its soup collection. It is kind of a tradition of their country and there is no meal without it. The common soups served are chicken, beef, vegetable broth with noodles, and garlic. Liver is used as well, but that is not common.

There are numerous Czech soups. Pea, lentil, and bean soups are commonly cooked at home for daily meals. The soup in which beef or pork is cooked with other ingredients is called the Goulash soup. The meat of the Goulash soup is sometimes replaced by oyster mushrooms. Then, another well-known soup is the potato soup. Potato is the key ingredient and it is accompanied by garlic, caraway, marjoram, onion, parsley, and carrot. Fish is treated as a special dish. During festivals, such as Christmas, a traditional rybí polévka or fish soup is cooked. Another traditional soup is Kulajda. It is prepared with cream, water, mushrooms, spices, potatoes, eggs, and dills. It’s white in color and thick in texture. Other Czech soups are mushroom soup, tomato soup, bread soup, onion soup, and champignon soup. They are common as well.

In Czech cuisine, the garlic soup is known as česneková polévka or česnečka. It is famous for being the number one hangover soup. It is a simple broth with potato, onions, and garlic. You can add cheese and meat as well. This soup is very easy and quick to make. In Czech it is also known for curing your cold.

While enjoying the Prague city sightseeing tours you need to taste this unique soup. Prague city sightseeing tours on a bus will cost you $22. If you have children, you will have to pay additional $11. There are fun packages as well, as such as the unlimited travel ticket for 48 Hours with three months warranty of cash back. The children’s age criteria are 5-15 years, and you can have additional options as well.

You can tour the city by boat as well. This will cost you $43.50, and for the children $22.00. The tour makes stops, and when it does, do not forget to try out the delicious meals of Czech Republic.

Garlic soup: hangover cure

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