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Franc Kafka

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Franc Kafka

Czech literature is mainly written by the Czechs in three languages- Czech language, German or Latin. The Czech literature has many divisions in itself according to a total of ten different time zones.  The corpus of the Czech literature is bound mainly among the Czech citizens and their own mother tongue; any writings of the Non-Czech citizens residing in the Czech lands written in any other language is usually not considered a part of this particular form of literature. However, during the socialist era, many Czech writers moved abroad and started exploring foreign countries and their ideas instead of being bound within their own country and its genres. A good example of a Czech writer whose works are not considered a part of the true Czech literature due to being written in the German language is Franc Kafka. Although Franc Kafka was fluent in Czech language and was born in Czech Republic, he was considered a part of the German or Austrian literature for his choice of written-language.

Among the many famous personalities that Czech Republic has gifted us, Franc Kafka-- a German-based writer is particularly worth mentioning because of the way he helped shape literature with his writings. Kafka wrote many novels and short stories in the German-language and is widely known for being a very influential writer of the 20th century. Kafka was a lawyer by profession, but after completing his legal education, he joined a firm and started writing short pieces in his spare time. He used the themes of conflict, alienation, brutality, mystical transformations, etc. in his writings. His most famous pieces include The Metamorphosis, The Castle and The Trial among others. Kafka was born in the city of Prague, a city known for having the most beautiful old towns in Europe.

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, and it is globally known for its uniquely preserved historical wonders of beautiful architecture and medieval castles. If you ever find yourself in Czech Republic, do visit the capital as it is the centre of attraction for businessmen, tourists, sightseers from all over the world. A tour of Prague includes a lot of sightseeing and day trips around the Czech Republic. You can choose between both private tours and large group tours. There are many trained guides in Prague who will give you a tour of the whole city, keeping it educational and entertaining at the same time. They are professional-guides who are taught to give you the true essence of the city of Prague and of the Czech Republic itself.


Franc Kafka - MegaTour.cz


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