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Helena Vondrackova

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Helena Vondrackova

Helena Vondrackova has become a renowned name in the long-celebrated history of Czech music and Czech singers. She is one of the most famous personalities of her country, and also a very talented artist. Helena Vondrackova was born in Prague in the year of 1947. She is now standing tall and proud with her own long-survived musical record of five decades at the age sixty-eight. She is a singer of the famous genre of pop music, and has been loved by locals and foreigners alike. Helena grew up in the old city of Slatinany and started learning the piano at a very young age. She participated in musical contests in her childhood and won her first award in 1964 and later that at the end of that year she made her very first recording.

The career of this highly talented musical artist thus began at the very small age of 17, and won her countless awards and a large fan following both in the Czech Republic and in other foreign countries. The peak of her career was throughout the years of the 1960s-1980s. Helena Vondrackova made very essential contributions to the whole genre of Czech music with her amazing voice and piano skills. During her years of fame, in addition to being a fabulous singer, she also took up small roles of acting on the stages of Czech productions for some famous plays like Les Miserables, Hello, Dolly!, and Miss Saignon.

However, Czechoslovakia met some dark years during which the Communists had a strong-hold of the whole of the Czech Republic. At this time, if any artists wanted to perform or get tours in Prague, they had to have very good connections with the right people. In 1989, many artists fell from fame; Helena Vondrackova among them. After this fall, it took a long time for some fallen artists to emerge again, while others never got back into the business at all. After eight long years after the fall, Helena Vondrackova rose back to her rightful throne and continued with a few more years in the music industry of Czechoslovakia with her amazing gift of voice.


Helena Vondrackova - MegaTour.cz

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