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Jan Santini Aichel - Architectural wonders of Prague

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Jan Santini Aichel - Architectural wonders of Prague

Jan Santini Aichel

Often what attracts a tourist most in a foreign country is either its natural beauty, or its historical landmarks. In the case of Czechoslovakia, the latter happens to be the reason why people keep coming back for more. Jan Santini was a famous person and a genius, and not many architects could get to such heights of glory. He did not build one or two, but a plethora of churches, chapels, convents, and chateaux which are scattered all across Czech Republic. So marvelous are his architecture, that one of them - the church of John of Nepomuk - was dubbed a national heritage site by UNESCO.

He truly made his mark on Czech history, but getting that success was not easy. He was unfortunate to have been born with an illness which paralyzed half of his body. However, he showed remarkable perseverance, and even with his disability, he learned to paint, and he travelled to countries like Rome, Italy and Austria. His architecture bears striking similarity to that of the cathedrals and churches of Rome and Italy.

Apart from their overall breathtaking beauty, if you look closer, you will most definitely find his signature 'star' symbols that are hidden cleverly like secret puzzles among his monuments. In fact, if you look at St. John's Church from above, it is actually surrounded by gates shaped like a huge star around the central chapel! Another one of his marvels is the famous Monastery of Kladruby, which looks more like a palace fit for royals with intricate interiors that transport you to Rome or Italy. Speaking of Romanesque, another gothic beauty you cannot miss, is the Seldec's Gothic church of East Bohemia. Truly, Santini's breathtaking architectures are treasures worth seeing at least once in everyone's lives.

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