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Karel Čapek

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Karel Čapek

Karel Čapek        

Karel Čapek

Čapek was an early 20th century Czech write. He had been one of the famous personalities in Czech literature. When you are on Prague city trip, visiting Karel Čapek memorial is one of the important thing to do. It is situated in the village of Stará Huť in the district of Dobříš. This meomorial house was a wedding gift to the writer and his beautiful wife Olga Scheipflugove. Karel Čapek spent his last three years here. From 1977 it is open for exhibition and tourists.  The house where Čapek lived with his elder brother Josef was in the suburbs of Prague 10 in Vinohrady district. The house has only half of the structure left. It went on sale on along with Čapek’s library and personal belongings in 2013. The half of the house is one of the tourists’ attractions to those who love literature.

A unique aspect about Čapek was he never confined himself in a certain genre. He wrote almost for a variety of genres. Čapek was a dramatist, a playwright, political issues analyst, an art critic, a publisher and even he wrote as a literary reviewer. His other books and plays include fairy tales, detective stories, theatre plays, novels, and even a book on how to do gardening. His most famous writings include Stories from a Pocket and Stories from Another Pocket, The Absolute at Large, R.U.R. (Rossumovi univerzální roboti), Letters from Italy, Krakatit, etc.

 But his science fiction brought him the recognition. His articles on political issues were famous as well. They were based on the social disorder of his time as Čapek saw the first world war very closely from Prague.


Čapek was born in 1890 in Malé Svatoňovice. He graduated from Charles University. At the initial times he attempted at writing fictions in collaboration with his brother Josef. Čapek's got the first global recognition by Rossum's Universal Robots. Rossum's Universal Robots was translated to English. Not only that, it was being theatre in the USA and UK in 1923. Ivan Klíma, in his biography of Čapek, writes about his influence on modern Czech literature, and his huge popularity among Czech witerrs. This famous writer died in 25 December, 1938.

Karel Čapek

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