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Even the not so fashion conscious are aware of the fact that Bata shoes are the best of its kind and the most cost effective, as it has something for everyone. This billion dollar multinational shoe store began as a fresh new startup by the Czech businessman, Tomas Bata, now dubbed as the Shoemaker to the World. Born in 1876 in a humble Czech town, Tomas Bata today is unanimously one of the most famous personalities of the Czech Republic. By the dint of his Midas touch, these Czech shoes are well known for their superior quality and affordable prices all over the world.

Born in a family who have been making shoes for eight generations and with a long three hundred year shoemaking legacy, Tomas, his brother Antonin, and his sister Anna decided to take the traditional Czech shoes to a whole new level. It all began in his hometown Zlin in Moravia, where Tomas Bata began his shoe company along with his brother and sister, initially called T. & A. Bata Shoe Company. The siblings’ shoemaking heritage came in handy for their newly formed startup. Soon, the company became famous in Zlin. To take his shoemaking knowledge a step further, he worked in an assembly line in the United States and brought his newly learnt techniques home. With these modern methods of production, the profit and sales of these Czech shoes began to soar.

Today, Bata is one of the most popular shoe companies, having outlets almost all over the world. Tomas Bata was not only an illustrious Czech businessman; he was also an avid follower of the Garden City Movement. For this reason, by the last year of his life, his hometown Zlin was adorned with five garden districts. Zlin, today, is the town of gardens, all thanks to this famous Czech personality.

For those who want to rediscover this industrialist’s works and vision, a visit to Tomas Bata University and the Shoe Museum in Zlin is a must. There are no Prague alternative tours that go there; however, Zlin is famous for its magnificent gardens and is worth a day trip.

Tomas Bata - Megatour.cz



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