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Children Center “DinoPark”

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Children Center “DinoPark”


Children Center “DinoPark”

Anyone who has a child could comprehend how tough it is to arrange safe and pleasing tours with children, especially ones that are enough to leave them with fond memories. Even with all the free time in the world, it may prove to be difficult to arrange a trip to someplace lovely or attention-grabbing. When tourists make their children tag along with them to the city of Prague, it is the same situation, as not all settings are favorable for children. However, these visitors need not worry any more, as the DinoParks are terrific to visit.

Probably the second best on the list of things to see in Prague for children, right after amusement or water parks, are the DinoParks. Even though there are a few DinoParks in the Czech Republic, the best one is probably the DinoPark situated within the walls of the city of Prague. This is quite special, thriving with tens and hundreds of kid and adult visitors. One of the reasons why this park is special is because of the live Wollemi Pine tree that is seen flourishing in this park. This tree is said to have existed during the era of dinosaurs, dating back to at least 175 million years ago. Needless to say, the rarity of the tree proves how invested this DinoPark is in the business of providing kids with education and information on the dinosaurs that once roamed our little planet.

This Prague-based DinoPark not only includes a spacious playground for children to play, it also contains life-sized dinosaur figures that do well to scare and amuse all the spectators around. To add to the excitement of it all, some of these dinosaur figures actually move, making certain to roar, probably startling unsuspecting bystanders. The entire thing must be quite enthralling, allowing young children to pretend that they have gone back in time or just landed themselves in a dinosaur-based horror movie.

To easily reach this DinoPark, all you need to do is get onto tram number 8 or 25 to Multiaréna Praha or Ocelářská. Otherwise, one could also hop onto the line B metro to Česko-moravská. Either way, you will reach the DinoPark in no time, being able to take delight in the center with your family.

Children Center “DinoPark”

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