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Prague Uprising

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Prague Uprising

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Prague Uprising

The Czech resistance attempted to free Prague of German occupation during the Second World War, which is what was termed as the Prague uprising. The uprising began on the 5th of May, 1945, and it occurred until the 8th of May with the Czech resistance surrendering and with a German victory.

This is just one among the several different events that have occurred in Prague that proves just how rich the history of the country really is. There were many reasons as to why the Czech resistance was formed in the first place. Prior to the uprising, the Czechs had their political rights taken away, were forced to go to Germany to work, and the nation was oppressed. Then Czechs only wanted to prevent the Germans from oppressing them and also to ensure that the fighting was not continued in the Czech territory. The resistance was formed to push the Germans out of the country and to ensure the liberation of Prague. As the II World War reached the end, the Czechs were restless to unleash their bitter hatred for the Germans, as the tension had built up a lot over time because of the German occupation and oppression.

Once the rebellion started, it was discovered that the Nazis had planned to heavily attack to quell the uprising. And so, the rebels who were dominating the rebellion at first, slowly realized that there was a shift of power, and where once the rebels had the upper hand, there was stabilization. Despite that, the Czechs had still managed to seize a good amount of the city, almost half of it, before the Germans had the time to react. However, just as it seemed as though the Czechs would claim victory, the German forces on the outskirts of the Czech Republic began to close in. Finally, because the Germans had superior weapons and aid from the US, the rebels were forced to surrender on 8 May, 1945.

Although this incident occurred over 50 years ago, even today, if you go on a Prague city tour, you will notice the signs of the struggle and the fight that these proud Czechs put up for the sake of their liberation.


Prague Uprising - MegaTour.cz

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