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Prague Cosmas - The First Czech Chronicler

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Prague Cosmas - The First Czech Chronicler

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Prague Cosmas - The First Czech Chronicler

The history of Prague includes a well-known, loved Czech chronicler called Cosmas of Prague. The Prague tour all inclusive will give you an insight about this man, the very first teller of tales. He was responsible for a masterpiece (also known as a magnum opus), known as the Chronicle of Bohemians. Although the Prague Cosmas passed away over 900 years ago, his written literature and legacy lives through this magnum opus, also recognized by the name Chronica Boëmorum.

According to legend, he began working on the Chronicle of Bohemians during the 11th century, not knowing that he was giving the later generations of the Czech Republic a piece of treasure. This spectacular compilation of historical facts aid in the understanding of the initial state of the country, even to this day. Cosmas of Prague is said to have been from a noble and intellectual family, which ended up becoming the sole reason as to why the later generations of Czech could picture and imagine the initial state of the country.

The first Czech chronicler’s masterpiece was divided into three portions: the first book, the second book and the third book. According to records, the first portion was completed and ready to read by the end of 1110s. This book spoke of the accounts of important events from the “start of the world” to close of the 1030s. The second portion was concluded by the end of the 1090s, speaking of the accomplishments of the “Bohemian Achilles”. It also described the activities of King Vratislav, a bold and courageous man, albeit forceful to a certain degree. The accounts started right from his promising years of reign and ended at his death. The third portion told stories of the civil wars that took place after Vratislav’s death, each grisly and gory. After King Vratislav, King Vladislav came into reign, being in power from 1109 to 1125. Sadly, this was the last book, ending its accounts of Czech history. In the year 1125, Cosmas of Prague passed away, leaving us with just three books. It is said that he was 75 years of age at his death, a wise and well-educated man.


The First Czech Chronicler - MegaTour.cz

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