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A striking European country, the Czech Republic is famous for a bunch of reasons, one of which is the variety of jewelry found in the market places, stores and with the vendors too, if you are lucky. Jablonec nad Nisou has been the home to glass beads and jewelry production houses since the end of World War II. One of these ornaments producers is the Jablonex. A widely known company, the Jablonex is home to some of the most eye-catching jewelry beads of all time.

Not only do glass jewelry go well with almost any outfit and any occasion, they add a touch of class to your entire look. Glass beads which have been made in Czech, are probably one of the biggest reasons why Jablonex is well-known by locals and worldwide too. Many tourists are seen buying these products as souvenirs, each prettier than the other.

Not only is it possible to purchase ready-made jewelry, if required, one could also buy a loose pack of beads. It is advisable that these purchases are made in pounds, as a smaller amount could cost relatively more. Jablonex has a wide range of available beads, such as imitation pearls, pressed beads, hand cut beads, satin glass beads, shaped beads, pipes and tubes, and much more. Naturally, the costs vary, based on the effort put behind making each kind of bead. The options on colors are numerous also.

Being sold in over 80 countries for decades now, the Jablonex expertise has been around since the 16th century. Today, they are seen in a different light by most locals and tourists. Available in a number of intriguing shapes, such as daggers, elephants, skulls, Cathedrals, fruits and even cats, the beads are precious, and are worth the money spent. Jablonex stores can be found all over the Czech Republic.

While most prefer going to these Jablonex stores around the city, glancing at countless options and then making a purchase, there are a few who prefer home delivery. To reach them by phone, you could call at either one of these numbers: +420483/350300 or +420/483350200. You could also email them at: beads@jablonex.cz


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