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Movie Awards “Czech Lion”

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Movie Awards “Czech Lion”

Movie Awards “Czech Lion” - MegaTour.cz


Movie Awards “Czech Lion”

The Cesky Lev or Czech Lion happens to be the highest honour of the Czech film industry. This annual award extravaganza, like any large film industry, hosts a befitting award ceremony for the brilliant film and television personalities of the country. The Czech Film and Television Academy bestows these great honorary awards to the achievers of the industry for great movies and music.

Film critics and fans of Czech movies wait year round for this mega event. Earlier, the highly acclaimed film festival, Karlovy Vary determined many of the winners of the Czech Lion. Fans and film enthusiasts anxiously discuss and try to predict which films might bag the awards, as the Karlovy Vary Film Festival unfurls in the picturesque spa town of the Czech Republic. Soon, the much anticipated Czech Lion Awards take place and takes the Czech film industry by storm.

This year; however, there was a slight misunderstanding at the Czech Lion Awards. In the 2015 awards night, an impostor dressed as Jim Carey took center stage, fooling all the officials and organizers of the award show. Although the organizers kept insisting that the uninvited guest was indeed Jim Carey, it was soon found out to be untrue. Jim Carey, amused by the whole incident, tweeted, “MY SPIRIT WILL NOT BE IGNORED”. It all led to a good laugh and a great show.

The 2015 awards were dominated by Petr Valcav’s film, ‘Cesta Ven’. This film alone won seven awards, which include Best Cinematography, Editing, Sound, Screenplay, and Best Picture. Klaudia Dudova secured the Best Actress award for the film, while Director Vaclav took home the Best Director award. Vaclav’s touching film dared to take on the sensitive issue of the integration of the Roma community in the mainstream of the Czech society.

For film buffs, a tour to the Ruckl Glassworks is a must, as their glass cutting is famously used in the Czech Lion Award. Some great Prague private tour guides conduct this glass factory tour. Also, one could revel in the beauty of the Revolving Theatre of Cesky Krumlov from Prague.


Movie Awards “Czech Lion” - MegaTour.cz

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