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Natural Park Divoka Šarka

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Natural Park Divoka Šarka


Natural Park Divoka Šarka

Divoka Sarka is a nature reserve park located 30 minutes away from Wenceslas Square. Filled with romantic cliffs and pastures, visitors love this park, as it looks like something straight out of a dream. The tranquil atmosphere filled with the sound of water flowing in the creeks, is an astounding sight to behold, as this wild park freely displays its rugged beauty to the whole world. It is among one of the most beautiful parks in Prague, and rightly so.

Vast meadows alongside different rock formations and narrow passageways line the entrance to this park. One of the most eye catching rock formation in the park is the Dívčí skok, which is also called the Maiden Leap, and it is located near the pool where many local residents tend to relax during the summer. There is a water reservoir called Dzban, which is 200 meters in width, 7.5 meters in depth, and 1 kilometer in length, making it perfect for different water and winter sports, such as skating and swimming.

If you’re interested in bird watching or plants, then Prague walking tours around the park will be perfect for you. For bird lovers, this park is the home to over 80 different species of birds. And birds aren’t the only animals that reside here, as reptiles and many different species of fish are also native to this park. The different types of vegetation, such as the porcupine-grass, oak wood, fernwart, along with the various oak, pine, lime, and maple trees, make this park a haven for botanists. Despite being a nature park, it also has various manmade elements that the visitors love, such as a playground for the children, a restaurant, a summer house, a cherry orchard, a well, a snack bar, as well as a fantastic view. Not only that, this park also has a spectacular open amphitheatre to house 10,000 spectators. The first Sundays of every September see the annual operas that are performed there. This is among the various parks and panoramas that has the visitors in awe.

Natural Park Divoka Šarka

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