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Subway in Prague

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Subway in Prague

Subway in Prague

Not everyone could afford to travel with personal cars or may simply not prefer anything other than public transport. Hence, the metro network of the city of Prague has got to be a work of genius. If you own a map of Prague’s subway routes, you will notice how there are actually 3 lines of route only, which is astounding, considering how the residents of Prague and the visitors could reach many places with the subway, in no time at all! The 3 lines are depicted with the help of 3 colors: green (line A), yellow (line B) and red (line C).

The operation of the subway system began during the mid 1970s, gradually increasing with time. In fact, today, there is a count of about 580 million riders per year. It is truly fascinating to see how much the general public rely on the metro system to get to places.

With a system length of just about 59 kilometers, the subway system of Prague has 57 stations in total and makes up the fifth busiest subway system of Europe. Operating for almost 20 hours, you will notice the metro system being run from 4 or 5 a.m. till midnight, being the means of transport for countless people. Surprisingly, all the lines were not opened at the same time! The line C was opened first, during the year 1974, while line A went second, being opened in the year 1978. Line B was opened last during the year 1985, said to be the longest line as it is over 25 kilometers long.

Tourist passes allow visitors to travel around the city with ease, not having to pay for every single ride, as they have already paid a specific amount for the pass. To give you a better understanding, here are the pricings for this pass:

  • 110 Czech korunas - 24 hours
  • 310 Czech korunas - 3 days
  • 500 Czech korunas - 5 days

There are certain long-term tickets too, which have been mentioned below with their prices:

  • 550 Czech korunas - 1 month
  • 1480 Czech korunas - 3 months
  • 2450 Czech korunas - 5 months
  • 4750 Czech korunas - 12 months/1 year

Subway in Prague

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