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Prehistoric restaurant Pravěk

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Prehistoric restaurant Pravěk


Prehistoric restaurant Pravěk

Yet another one of the things to see in Prague, this restaurant provides Czech cuisine, albeit in a prehistoric themed manner. Out of all of the restaurants and food of the Czech Republic, this has got to be one of the top, coming up with such a cool idea and acting on it too.

Whether you are up for a brunch or a late dining session at night, you could call up at 420 2 24936272 to make your reservations. What awaits you is nothing short of awesomeness, as you are taken back to the prehistoric era, thanks to the setting, atmosphere and the behavior of the staff of the Pravěk Prehistoric restaurant. It seems that restaurant offers an extensive selection of steaks, as it is a steak-based eatery. As per the reviews of many visitors, the simple beef steak has had lots of recommendations, described to be juicy and succulent, melting in your mouth. For a side dish, roasted potatoes and French fries have been recommended, holding the highest number ratings. If you are looking for a cheap option, you may pick the rump or flank steak, both of which are tender and cooked to perfection. Also, you could opt for the veggie platter, an assortment of many types of vegetables that will be perfect for you, especially if you are a vegetarian or have a partner with you who happens to be a vegetarian.

The interiors of the Pravěk Prehistoric restaurants are said to be primitive in nature, having the look of cave walls. The tables are quite interesting too, being served by the staff members who are dressed up like they are from the prehistoric times. The staff is unbelievably helpful, always seeing to it that you are having a great time. Moreover, they keep an eye out for whatever you may need.

The food is generally garnished in a very pretty manner, appealing to almost everyone who enters the Pravěk restaurant. The entire caveman vibe is funny too, allowing customers to relax and get into the mood of feasting upon scrumptious pieces of steak. Luckily, this fun-loving restaurant is open throughout the entire week!

Prehistoric restaurant Pravěk





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