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Novoměstský pivovar (The New Town Brewery)

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Novoměstský pivovar (The New Town Brewery)


The New Town Brewery

So you have travelled all over Prague and are as tired as can be. What you need now is to treat yourself to some homely atmosphere with good food and amazing beer. May be up top and high end restaurants are not the thing for you, or you are just not feeling very classy at the moment. Well, have no fear, we have a place that is right for your needs. The Novoměstský pivovar, translated as the New Town Brewery, is where you can recharge yourself with some of the more simple pleasures of life.

The New Town Brewery was founded in 1993 and is situated in the center of Prague in New Town, just 400m away from the Wenceslas Square. This is the place to come if you are looking for some cozy bars and drinks near the central spot of Prague. The environment is comfortable and a good place to relax after a long day of looking at all the nooks and crannies of this ancient city. A hundred years ago, there were lots of old style burgess breweries present in New Town, and their license was passed down from father to son. To bring back this tradition, the New Town Brewery is the first to make a comeback to serve you homemade beer to have on the spot.

Prague has a long history filled with generations of beer lovers and this brewery shall not disappoint. The New Town Brewery also puts up special limited offers with exotic flavors, for all the adventurous foodies out there. They just released a new flavor from 16th March, 2015 named “chocolate beer”, which they claim to be creamy, smooth and filled with all the goodness of chocolate. However, it is available only till stock lasts so if you happen to be in Prague anytime soon, make sure to get a sip of this chocolatey goodness!

Sure, the New Town Brewery may not be in your list of things to see in Prague, but make sure it is a place you do visit. Good food, good beer and a good time are all that you will need to unwind in a tired afternoon in the beautiful city of Prague.

The New Town Brewery

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