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Along with the seemingly endless list of gorgeous areas and things to see in Prague, there comes the requirement of shopping too, especially if you are a tourist visiting the Czech Republic for the first time. You see, you find yourself being required to get gifts for the family back home; a thoughtful or fascinating memorandum each for each close friend and relative. So, at such a scenario, what could you possibly do? Visit the Paladium of Prague, without a doubt.

Located on the opposite of the Muncipal House, an Art-Noveau café that catches your eye, right away, the Palladium is a shopping mall that is just a couple of minutes away from the Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square, if you are travelling on foot. Both the squares are rich in history on their own, deserving separate attention, especially if you are up for admiring splendid churches, bright lights and a whole bunch of different types of stalls and markets. The Palladium has a chateau-like look from the outside, which definitely appeals to all those who have a thing for elegant and ancient-looking structures and architectures.

One of the best things about this mall is that it is modern by all means. For instance, it looks great from the inside, designed as per the current times. Also, the Palladium is not just filled with stores to make purchases from, it also contains the likes of ATMs to provide ease of money withdrawal, supermarkets that allow you to shop for groceries and more, fast food outlets, international and well-adored stores like Guess, Marks and Spencer, Body Shop, Esprit, H&M, Calvin Klein and many more. During any big festivity, wooden hut-like stalls are assembled in front of the Palladium, providing a wide range of products to buy from.

To get to the destination of the Palladium shopping complex, get onto tram number 5, 8, 24, 26, 51, 54 or 56 from the Namesti Republiky station. If you prefer the metro, that is fine too. All you have to do is get onto the line B metro from the same station as that of the trams.


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