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Black Theatre

Without much surprise, black theatres are one of the important things to see in Prague. Quite the peculiar bunch when it comes to theatres and operas, black theatres are also known as black light theatres. As expected, to get to visit one of these, one requires a ticket for getting entrance.

Black theatre consists of performances where black light is enlarged and shed in such a manner, it creates illusions that are sure to leave you stunned and impressed. Actors emerge onto the stage, wearing black, which makes it impossible for the human eye to see in the dark theatre. As they go about performing, ultraviolet lights hit their body, forming images. There are a number of well-known black theatre performance venues around the city of Prague, such as Don Giovanni, The National Theatre, Basilica of St. George, Jazz Dock, St. James Basilica and many more. The first black theatre was initiated by a man called Jiří Srnec, back in the late 1950s.

One of the best black light theatres is the Ta Fantastika, situated in the Old Town of Prague. Visited by adults and even children, this theatre represents a beautiful and accurate adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. To reach this building, all you need to do is get onto the line A metro from the Staromestska station. Otherwise, you could just hop onto tram number 17, 18 or 53, from the same station.

Another great black theatre is the Image Theatre,  also an Old Town building, portraying poetic tales through dance performances. To get to this theatre, you may get onto tram number 18 or 53 to stop at the Karlovy lazne station. Otherwise, you could opt to get onto tram number 9, 17 or 22, to stop at the Narodni divadlo station. Or you could decide to travel using the line A metro from the Staromestska  station.

Although this form of art originated from Asia, the city of Prague has managed to excel at it, managing to get better at it over time. Each black light theatre performance tells a deep and secretive story, a form of skill that captures your attention completely and effectively.

Black Theatre

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