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Prague Municipal House

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Prague Municipal House


Prague Municipal House

The Prague Municipal House is, without doubt, an iconic building. It was built on the site of the former Royal Court Palace and opened to the public in 1912. One of the reasons that makes the Municipal House so important to the Czech history is that this is where the independent state of Czechoslovakia declared their independence in 28th October, 1918.

Even without its amazing historical heritage, the Prague Municipal House is grand in its own right. It is impossible not to see the building and not fall in love with it. The Municipal House is a grand building by all counts, complete with arched hallways, gold work, elegant chandeliers, stained glass work and all that comes to the imagination where you think of ancient things to see in Prague. The building itself is enormous and it hosts many different kinds of bars and cafes, not to mention the grand opera, of course.

The Municipal House is the home to the famous Smetana Hall, one of the best concert halls in the entire world. Filled with works of carved stone, gold painting, amazing lighting and tasteful frescos, the Smetana Hall is definitely something to behold. The largest classical concerts are held here and to attend any such concert is a privilege indeed. The Municipal House is the home to the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Tickets to attend the concert needs to be booked in advance. Although they may be a little pricey, but to attend one of the best concerts in the work, you will have to pay the due price.

The Municipal House has more to offer than the phenomenal concert hall. There is a French restaurant where you can enjoy traditional, French and international cuisine. There is also a Czech style beer hall for you to get a taste of the local Prague. Also, the first American bar in Prague has also found a home in the Municipal House, where you can enjoy different kinds of cocktails, martinis, etc.

You can find the Municipal House in the Republic Square near the Powder Gate. It is within walking distance of the Old Town Square and the Wenceslas Square. Whether you attend the concerts or not, the Municipal House is a must see on any trip to Prague.

Prague Municipal House

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