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Weather - February

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Weather - February

February in Prague


Weather - February

We have to admit, February comes as a blessing for the residents of the Czech Republic, thawing out every near-frozen corner of the area. The beginning of a calmer weather, when compared to that of January, February is full of opportunities to enjoy the last few shreds of the harsh winter. This probably sits well with those who do not wish to spend the Valentine’s Day with layers of jackets and scarves.

Also, any other public holidays during this month could be thoroughly enjoyed, such as Ash Wednesday. Alongside holidays, the month of February also witnesses events such as the Bohemian Carnevele, an annual occasion that is the Czechian version of Mardi Gras, according to the locals. This event is rather big, being held at various squares, theatres, etc. Furthermore, this Prague Mardi Gras is the bomb for all tourists, as they get to witness the rich culture of the people of Prague and the Czech Republic as a whole. At the Bohemian Carnevele, parades, children’s fun activities, sale stalls and balls are common, ensuring that whoever is present there is having the time of their life

During the month of February, the temperature could fall as low as only -3 degrees Celsius.

However, the warmest it could get is merely 4 degrees Celsius. Even then, the chilliness is far more bearable than that during the month of December and January. As per previous weather reports, there is over 30% chance of the day being windy and over 50% chance of cloudy skies.

The residents of the city of Prague get to enjoy only 4 hours of sunshine during the daytime. That is why it is safe to have a number of things by your side, especially if you plan to head out on the streets for some sightseeing. For instance, hats, scarves or gloves could go a long way to keep you from being cold. Some comfortable ugg boots and thick, woolen socks could add to that supply of warmth too. Lastly, a long coat of whichever sort appeals to would not only keep you warm, but will also be a great addition to your overall Prague-adventurer look. In short, you better be prepared well to be able to enjoy this glorious month.


February in Prague

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