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Partner program

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Partner program

MegaTour is looking for partners!

MegaTour company is the travel market works since 2009, making it wholeheartedly favorite cause. All these years we do not stand still, constantly evolving, search and find new creative ideas. Their implementation will help us improve our activities and conquer new heights in the tourism business. Expanding the boundaries of success, we invite you to be our partners, ready to share our aspirations and achieve new successes - it is a joint and mutually beneficial. Are you ready? Then start.

What is the essence of the program?

Our partner program refers to booking tours. Accede to it, you will get full access to opportunities. With the active use them start to get a guaranteed income, the amount of which will be delight you every time. And no matter what country you are in.

The essence of the partner program MegaTour is that each of you can via the Internet to sell any of our tour and get a commission. Schedule of tours for the next week you can see by logging to the page of our partner program. Information on it is constantly updated. You need to choose the direction in which your customers are interested in, and book it with us. There can be several directions.

Work with us on favorable terms.


Benefits for partners!

Earn together with us
Technical assistance and support
Huge selection of tours and services in different languages
Actual information on availability of empty seats

Become a partner.

Tourist sites
Travel agencies
Intermediaries and agents
Hotels and apartments

What benefits you could receive?

The bonus program of the excursions sales!

At sales from 1 to 499 euros/month – you will get 20% of the commission from a total price of excursions.

At the increasing of the sales from 500 to 2999 euros/month – your commission is 25%.

At the selling of the excursions more than 3000 euros/month – your commission is 30%.



Cooperation options

1. The attracted clients make a total payment specified in the column "total value".

2. All deposited funds are on you, but before the start of the excursion you must to transfer the part of the amount to the travel agency "MegaTour" (an amount without your commission).

3. The payment to the "MegaTour" agency is carried out by means of Webmoney or a bank transfer.


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