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There are at least a thousand hotels around Prague, each more stunning and comfortable than the other. While you could appreciate a stay in some of the famous ones, such as Hilton, Panorama and Four Seasons, this bright and happening metropolis also allows you to look into cheap hotels. Of course, this is helpful if you wish to save some cash during your trip stay for other reasons. Whether it is in the heart of Prague or on the outskirts, all available hotels could be found on our database, which would make it simpler to find the perfect one for you.

In Prague, tourists will require tickets for the metro, trams or buses to certain destinations. Moreover, if you have an adoration for theatres and would absolutely love to sit through a play, you would certainly necessitate tickets. The same goes for any ballet show or concert of classical or jazz genre. Our services give you a realistic estimate of how much these transportations, concert or theatre tickets cost. As a result, tourists find it easier to make a calculation according to their budget, electing the type of transport to rely on. Furthermore, it becomes easier to make a to-do list, deciding on which places to visit.

The Prague Guide is just right for one, if they want a quick overview of what there is to see around Prague. Looking for a romantic spot for two? Searching for a serene and picturesque area for the family? Wish to go solo and take up some intriguing tours around the city? You could find it all in one go-through of our guide without any hassle.

Offering you the best, our services allow almost any interested tourist to browse through information on countless attractions of Prague. Be it the cheapest motels or hotels that do well to make you feel posh and pampered, we have news of everything. As a matter of fact, a sightseer could learn about all that they are required to know of, before arriving in Prague. In addition, our information database is constantly updated according to any changes found.


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